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Jimmy Fleming Cherokee Rose - Download

Jimmy Fleming: Cherokee Rose

Black Cat Mass - Download

Black Cat Mass: Born of the Black Tree

The Black Cat Mass is The Brainchild of Mr. Drew Ortman ,Guitar and Jimmy Fleming ,Guitar and Vocals, Augmented by David Thorpe Bass, and Travis Elder on drums. Recorded "Live" in the studio Like a Rock band should be. Produced by Black Cat Mass, Engineered by Mr. Chad Uhrig at ChilliWorks Studio, Chillicothe Ohio, Songs written By James D. Fleming (BMI) all Rights Reserved 2015 Artwork by Mr. Joe Click

Crow the Creeper Sessions - Download

Jimmy Fleming: The Crow the Creeper Sessions

Jimmy Fleming "Silver Was The Sound" album - Album

Jimmy Fleming "Sweet Cyanide"

Uncle Mont's Quandry "Sorrow in Full Strut"

Testify EP - Download

Jimmy Fleming "Crow's Blues" - CD Download

Jimmy Fleming Blackened Dove

Maya Calvert Shotgun Pixie