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Regalia Records: Links for Bill Mace
This is a wonderful site to help our Dearest friend Bill Mace on of the most Amazing Musicians and More Amazing Human beings. Having recently Had a stroke and a Heart attack in addition to Brain surgery Bill's "Bill" has exceeded 2 million dollars. We are all working to help Raise money to help him concentrate on getting well instead of "How do we keep the lights on" etc. Please check out this most worthy man and a great site to help.
Jason Dunn on National Geographic
A young man I'm proud to call a new friend Mr, Jason Dunn suffers from the most extreme form of Dystonia. He is also the Biggest inspiration I have ever found. He is Featured in the first half of this program. It is worth you time to learn as I did about this incredible Gentleman!
JujuGuru on Facebook
I saw these Gentlemen for the first time At The Soul to Soul concert for Bill Mace In conjunction with The Ben Sutton Band! Absolutely awesome and Great fellows to boot. Check em out.