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Regalia Records is a personal vision of Artistic Freedom, and an answer to the state of the music industry today. Music existed for Spiritual joy, expression and communication so very long before it became choked by Rules, formats,formulas, greed and people who think you should just do it their way. . All Music, Art, and personal visions and creations are valid in this world. Period. It is not from arrogance we operate, in short it's simply that we have met record executives who would have taken Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" and said "Look man, that's neat and all but you need to cut that down to about 2 minutes, and theres just not enough "ooh baby baby" in there, tell ya what you go home and work on that and we'll talk again" . Your words, your soul, your art is yours and yours alone. If you can't stand business as usual, stand alone, stand for your convictions and beliefs and most importantly stand for freedom and stand up for yourself